The Idem Spark Founding Story: How it All Started

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When you’re building your biz, climbing the corporate ladder, and chasing your career goals, it’s easy to put your health at the bottom of your to-do list. When you’re being a boss by day to reach your career goals, your physical and mental well-being are often the first things that fly out the window. But here at Idem Spark, we know that you don’t have to choose!

With the right tools and a dream team in your corner, learn how you can start killing it in all aspects of your life so that both you and your career can thrive. Learn how the Idem Spark founding story influences our offerings, and how it motivates us to help other corporate leaders and biz owners take their lives back!

Our Journey: The Idem Spark Founding Story

Idem Spark’s founder, Anniedi Essien, knows the burnout struggle all too well. While she was crushing it in her corporate executive career, her health started to suffer. The longer she put it on the back burner, she began to experience hair loss, heart palpitations, and knee pain that impacted every other aspect of her life. She knew something had to change.

She decided she wasn’t going to let her health stop her from slaying all day, so she began looking at her health and her career holistically to make sure she set herself up for success. Through hard work and determination, she lost 50 pounds. But it wasn’t just about the weight.  Along the journey, her biggest victory was regaining the sparkle in her eyes.

By balancing mental and physical health, career satisfaction, and self-confidence, Anniedi found her meaningful purpose: bringing her method of balancing work, wealth, and well-being to the masses. She decided she wanted to help corporate superstars and B2B entrepreneurs experience the benefits o working smarter, not harder. And so, Idem Spark was born.

Idem Spark’s Approach to Health, Wellness, and Joy

At Idem Spark, we advise C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and women in leadership on how to elevate their influence, impact, and income—all without sacrificing health, wellness, or joy. Yes, we promise it really is possible! Through our Swagger School® programs designed for corporate consultants and organizations, we help people at all levels get the tools they need to shine, all while achieving greater work-life harmony.

From helping B2B biz owners land fewer, larger corporate contracts so they can build without burnout to teaching organizations how to put their employees first, we offer several different programming options to ensure there’s something for everyone.

For B2B entrepreneurs, corporate side hustlers, and industry experts, we have two distinct programs: The B2B Sales Society, designed to help those earlier in their journey land their first or next corporate client. We also have our signature Swagger School® Mastermind program, a 6-month program that will help you land those 5- and 6-figure deals you’ve been dreaming of.

For organizations, we offer corporate strategy consulting where we advise you on how to put your people first and create brave spaces that grow bold leaders. Learn to improve management and leadership skills, improve your DEI initiatives, and increase profitability and impact by putting employee well-being at the top of your to-do list!

Ready to take the leap and apply Anniedi’s learnings to your own biz or organization? Get started today!

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