4 Tips to Take Your Corporate Consulting Side Hustle Full Time

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As a busy executive with a corporate consulting side hustle, you know your time is money. But how do you build a business model that will allow you to grow your brand, find new corporate clients, and generate revenue to replace your salary without hustling harder? Build without burnout by discovering four amazing ways to design a B2B business that puts people first, including you.

We interviewed our Swagger School client, Olanike, to explore the steps she took to take her side hustle full time. She went from Chief of Staff in a tech role at a Fortune 50 global financial services firm to workplace equity strategist when demand for her consulting services skyrocketed in the midst of a global pandemic.

Watch the video above to discover the four lessons she learned by quitting her job to build a new consulting venture that took her from working around the clock to centering her well-being:

  • Take stock of your strengths – amplify your assets at your 9-5 by showcasing marketable skills and negotiating relevant opportunities that will position you for consulting success
  • Plan before you leap – recognize that strategic planning isn’t just for corporations and put proper foundations in place to become a more effective business leader
  • Fill in the missing puzzle pieces – prep your path for profits when setting consulting rates so that you can replace your former paycheck, pay yourself and expand your growing team
  • Honor your values – stay true to your authentic leadership style so you don’t compromise your integrity with shady business practices or high pressured sleazy sales tactics

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