Top 4 Benefits of a B2B Sales Society Membership

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Are you ready for a change, but you just don’t know what? Well, for B2B business owners and corporate side hustlers, we have the answers you’re looking for!

Become a Swagger School insider in our 12-month group training program, the B2B Sales Society, designed to help independent consultants, corporate side hustlers, and industry experts find your first or next corporate client!

Learn why this program is the best fit for business owners looking to land their first or next corporate contract.

1. Learn How to Pitch with Confidence

Does the idea of reaching out to corporate buyers make you stressed? Well, it shouldn’t! If you’re trying to succeed at the B2B game, it means you already have a zone of genius. Whether you’ve secured a corporate contract, or speaking gig, or are trying to find your first client, landing a 5- or 6-figure contract starts with one thing: your pitch.

In our guided B2B Sales Society program, you’ll learn to level up your sales skills and package up your offer, all so you can nail your next pitch! We’ll walk you through our proven P.I.T.C.H. method so you have all the tools you need to walk into your next negotiation like a seasoned pro.

2. A Powerhouse Group of Rockstar Peers at Your Back

When you join the B2B Sales Society, you’ll also get access to The Swagger Spot, our exclusive community of Idem Spark members! In this all-star group, you can ask questions, get answers, and connect with other like-minded B2B biz owners. The best part? You can also connect with our Chief Swagger Officer Anniedi to get her advice and insights!

From getting motivated by other members’ wins to sharing your own amazing milestones, having a supportive group around you can keep you hustling hard! You don’t have to walk your B2B journey alone, and The Swagger Spot will give you an inner circle you can trust.

3. Land Bigger Contracts to Work Smarter, Not Harder

When you’re just starting out, any deal is a good deal! But to successfully scale your biz without burnout, you need to think bigger. Think about it: landing 10 corporate contracts at $10,000 each is much easier than 100 $1,000 contracts for the same amount of cash!

In the B2B Sales Society, you’ll have access to our curated insider resources and live B2B sales trainings that will not only help you pitch with confidence, but also help you package your expertise as effectively a possible. This helps you stay relevant, find the right buyers, and be the perfect person to solve your client’s needs!

4. Long-Term Support to Help You Through Your Sales Cycle

While some programs are in and out, the B2B Sales Society is around for the long haul! We offer monthly and annual memberships so you have the support you need throughout your sales cycle—no matter how long it may be! Instead of trying to cram all of our training into your head in a few short weeks, you can take your time to absorb the info and apply it directly to your biz.

This allows you to iterate, improve, and see the results of the program firsthand, all while you’re still a member!

Ready to invest in yourself and your biz? Learn more about the B2B Sales Society and join us today!

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