Consulting Services

Ways we can serve you on your journey: 1:1 consulting service, group coaching or corporate training.

Sound all too familiar?
  • You are deeply exhausted from trading your wellness for your ambition
  • You are so  ready to shed everything that is weighing you down, inside and out
  • You want to  reclaim your energy so you can live life full out
  • You are burnt entirely out but not sure how to take the next step
  • You are a rockstar at heart and are placing your dreams centerstage, at last

Then Idem Spark was (literally) founded for YOU.

Idem Spark was founded to amplify your voice and put wellness at the heart of your work and life. We create an inclusive space for women of all shapes, shades, and sizes to reclaim health and wellness, spark joy, and rock every facet of your life with swagger! We don’t focus on numbers, titles, or rungs on the ladder. Our number one priority is seeing you sparkle whether it’s through 1:1 consulting, group coaching or corporate training.

It’s your time to shine.  

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the baddest bada$$ of all? In six months you could be...

  • Fully hydrated, energized, sleeping well and feeling refreshed
  • Positively radiant, glowing, shining, and sparkling
  • Practicing self care without the guilt
  • Nourished, inside and out, making all the moves possible
  • Having pep in your step, fueled by a legacy-building sense of direction
  • You’ve got regular reasons to do the happy dance and you take each one

Ready to slay? Keep on scrollin.

3 Ways to Work with Idem Spark

Swagger School Powerhouse Masterminds

You went to the best universities. You have a full set of highly impressive credentials. You make bank. You’ve done everything you’re supposed to do. 

So why do you feel so damn meh inside?

Get your sparkle on when we take you to Swagger School. This is our  signature consulting service that invites you to join a squad of boss ladies, all looking to amp up their game and grow from the inside out, together.

Swagger School elevates your income, influence and impact. 

Here’s what’s inside our new Seal the Corporate Deal group consulting program:

A 10- week invite-only experience with a max of 4-10 members to slay your B2B sales and land 5 and 6 figure corporate contracts.

Access to a private Backstage member portal to ask questions, get proposal templates, polish your pitch, and shine

✨Bi-weekly group consulting sessions with Anniedi on topics like negotiations, positioning, and B2B lead generation strategies

Confidential access for strategic advisory services, office hours and email support during business hours

Investment (and hell yes, you are worth it): $10k-18k

Don’t wait. Start slaying today.

Diverse group of women in group program and 1:1 consulting service.
Woman smiling about 1:1 consulting

1:1 Consulting: Swagger Strategy Sessions

You’re already the boss, but you most definitely aren’t anywhere near done. 

So, what’s your next move?

Get the support, business strategy, executive coaching, and yes, all the necessary tough love to get you from here to where you want to go next. 

These 1:1 consulting service sessions are designed around exactly what you need when you need it. Things that tend to come up include passion- and purpose-aligned goal setting, being fully ready to step into whatever is next, and creating the life of your wildest dreams. 

If you’re ready to shake things up and disrupt your career, biz or life in majorly great ways, this is the space for you to do that with courage, optimism, and confidence. 

What’s Included:

Pre-session planning to establish goals and outcomes

60-minute 1:1 virtual strategy consultation series with Anniedi

Post-session recap and 90-day Swag Plan to firm up next steps

Investment (and hell yes, you are worth it): $30k

Ready to sparkle and shine? 

Corporate Strategy Consulting

These team, division, or whole staff programs are designed to improve the well being, work experience, and retention rate for all employees. There has never been a moment in corporate history where this work mattered more. The time is now to make your workplace (and bottom line) healthy and well, for all. We craft these programs to meet the specific needs of your organization. Topics include:






Women in Leadership

Making time for self care

Maintaining Wellness in Challenging Times

And much, much more.

Delivered remotely, these sessions will identify opportunities and streamlined solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing organizations today.

Plans are customized for your organization and priced accordingly. 

Book a quick consult to learn more.