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Forget everything you know

piecemealing the puzzle

Forget winging your way to success, trying to tackle all the small pieces that make your business money each year.

selling it small

Forget having to sell a million small offers to a million individual customers just to hit your revenue goals every month.

running yourself ragged

Forget feeling like you’re running on empty every morning, just to deplete what you don't have at the end of the day.


Look, hustle culture is real, But it doesn’t have to be your norm

...and you definitely don’t need to compromise yourself or your expertise as you find your way out of it.

It can be easier, feel better, and bring in a ton more money. If only you knew how to pitch and land your corporate deals again and again. It’s called strategy, Sis.

And it’s a game changer

Ignite massive revenue growth by mastering the strategy that keeps corporate deals falling in your lap over and over.

If you’ve already landed a corporate deal once – maybe even twice – then why does it feel unobtainable to do it again? The problem isn’t you. You’ve already mastered your craft. You’ve proven your worth. People are literally knocking down your door to get you.

The problem is that you haven’t yet learned a repeatable and sustainable strategy to uplevel your business revenue so that corporate pitches are easier and landing the deals becomes second nature.

You’re winning - and then waiting

But this?

This is the game changer that will pull you out of that waiting room and into the laps of 5 and 6 figure agreements again and again.

get a step by step path to secure your next corporate contract without working over 10 hours per week

Real results

I went from being stood up to closing 50k in contracts!

"I love that I can be my authentic self and be successful in corporate. This has been the biggest quarter yet. I went from being stood up on Zoom calls to closing 50k in corporate contracts!"
2022 Swagger School Grad

Let’s go over the facts for one second:


You know your stuff, and people have asked for it a la speaking, consulting, training, etc.


Organizations have already asked for your expertise to implement in their groups.


You’re ready to win at work, wealth and well-being so you can win again.

I just wanna make one thing clear

If you’re going to win, let’s make sure you win big

I know, I know...

You might be over there, twitching in your seat wondering how big is too big to ask.

Because you don’t want to sound needy. You don’t want to overcharge. And you definitely don’t want to blow the deal altogether.

Trust me, you’re not going to.

Your expertise is valuable. And if a business is going to benefit and get paid by using your knowledge, then you deserve to understand the market and earn the full value of your brilliance.

To slay your B2B sales, you need to stop winging it and...

start believing you’re the billion-dollar brand that you are

Forget the fads. Forget the templates. Forget the trends that don’t give you sustainability. Let’s create an up-leveled B2B sales system so you can consistently land 5 and 6-figure corporate contracts on repeat. 

Applications are Open Now

Real results

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from a 100k quarter to a 100k month

"As a person who doesn’t really do groups, this program was surprisingly refreshing and super valuable. When you’re building something for the first time it helps to have a community to go to for insights.”
2022 Swagger School Grad
Creating Sustainable Growth is Only One enrollment Away

This intimate consultation is built for entrepreneurs to fully own their worth, step confidently into their corporate pitches, and walk away landing them again and again.

Plan Your Proposal

You probably already have some kind of proposal in your back pocket. It’s good. It may have even landed you a deal in the past (or two).

But if it’s not bringing in the revenue repeatedly, then it’s time to take a look as to what’s working and what’s not…so you can tailor it to the businesses you want to work with. Understand exactly what you need to land bigger deals with our P.I.T.C.H. method so you can tweak what you have to cater to each pitch. We’ll also use our Five Essential Elements of a Winning Corporate Proposal along with an audit to refine the current pitch you’re working with.

Elevate Your Positioning

Number one rule of marketing yourself as a B2B? Know what your customers are saying. Get to know who they are, what they need, and don’t assume that their voices can ever be boiled down to a general watery pulp.

Learn our proven step-by-step process to go to market by hearing your customer’s voices, and open more B2B doors. We’ll help you understand who your clients truly are so you can fluently speak the corporate language to continuously call them in.

Amplify Your Brand

Look, I know the feeling of not wanting to be seen. If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve got a business to run, you probably wouldn’t see me on social media at all. I’m sure you might feel the same way.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to hide behind some false “professional” persona. And it doesn’t mean that you have to showcase every bit of dirty laundry on social media. Your personal brand is what will attract your audience, and connect with them on a deeper level. Learn to lead with authenticity, so that you can create the impact you want without watering down your special sauce.

Rock Your Swagger

You know how when some people walk into a room, the energy just shifts? It’s like the door opens and all heads turn because their presence just demands the attention.

That’s you, sis. Or rather, it will be. Learn how to elevate your thought leadership and command the attention of influential B2B leaders, and identify the must-buy priorities of your potential buyers.

Polish Your Pitch

Get your voice heard and stand out in the crowd by polishing your pitch up to the gold expertise you offer.

You’ll learn how to effectively position and price your expertise so you can negotiate 5 and 6-figure deals with absolute confidence.

Slay Your Sales

Create a customer experience journey that has corporations loving every step they take with you. That way, you win, they win, and all the referrals that are bound to show up at your future front door win, too.

Learn how to package your expertise to guide C-Suite sales conversations that deliver results and boost referrals.

Seal the Corporate Deal was created for powerhouses to ease into the confidence of their expertise, own their value, and finally create a B2B sales strategy that will consistently land the corporate contracts they desire.

Real results

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I learned from my peers that 6 figure deals are normal.

"I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Now I’m thinking about new, more scalable business models I never even considered before. I learned from the peers in my cohort that six figure deals are normal.”
2022 Swagger School Grad
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Is This for Me?

I get it. Sometimes, you need a checklist just to doubly-make sure that you’re not in the wrong place at the wrong time. So let me go ahead and break it down for you right here:
Who belongs in this program? If you...
...then we’d love your application!
Who isn’t a good fit for this program? If you...
...then sorry to say, Seal the Corporate Deal isn’t a good fit for you.

Real results

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it will change your biz and life

"Put whatever you need to put in place to say YES to this because it will change your biz and ultimately it will change your life! This is THE best investment I have made as a CEO.”
2022 Swagger School Grad

We can only take a few entrepreneurs with us on this party bus.

So if you’re done with feast or famine contract living, and you’re ready to consistently close more 5 and 6-figure corporate deals on repeat, hit the button below.

Swagger Wins

What could it look like to create your own swagger success? Well, it could look like anything from earning 5x your revenue in a single contract to building a billion-dollar business.

Take a look at a few of the wins from Swagger School grads:


5x’d her speaking engagement fee to close a 7.5K keynote for her PR biz

Closed $12K Contract

Closed a 12K corporate contract by leveraging her nutrition curriculum


Landed a 100K corporate contract in equity consulting

100x'd Speaking fees

100x’d speaking fees by launching a global culture consulting firm and serving organizations

Closed $50K in contracts

Closed $50K of corporate contracts including licensing her existing leadership development curriculum, successfully working smarter

$100K in a Quarter

Celebrated a 100k quarter by selling executive coaching services to corporate clients

6 figure deal secured

Upsold an existing client on a 6-figure deal immediately following Swagger School that doubled the amount of revenue

$170K contracts in a month

Landed 170k in corporate contracts within a single month, exceeding sales goals for her diversity and inclusion strategy consulting firm

So the question isn’t will you succeed with Swagger School. It’s what will that success story be?

Real results

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the right guidance and expertise from day one.

“I knew that if I wanted to enter this new arena and build the next wing of my business, I did not want to do it alone. I found the right guidance and expertise to do it properly from day one.”
2022 Swagger School Grad
Everything sounds great, but I need to know the nitty gritty.

What’s inside?

I’m glad you asked!

Designed with your success in mind, we choose those who are a good fit for the program, but also who are a good fit for each other. You’ll join an intimate group of superstars who are ready to make real moves with real confidence without the fluff in only one hour per week. Inside the program, you’ll receive:


Learn powerful negotiation skills at Swagger School B2B sales trainings to confidently close bigger deals, faster

Proposal templates

Access proposal audits,  templates and playbooks to put your best foot forward and polish each corporate pitch

Office Hours

Get individualized and personalized attention in office hours within a small group of 4-10 powerhouse peers for implementation support


Upgrade for VIP Access to 1:1 Guidance and Support

and get...

All Access Pass

Receive unlimited proposal audits for real-time feedback on all your in-progress pitches and proposals. Plus, get a done-for-you pitch deck and an all-access pitch pass for complimentary entry to all our hottest pop-up events!

1:1 Consultations

Get advisory support from a top corporate consultant with quarterly 60-min VIP strategy consultations that can be used for customized guidance and strategic advisory support throughout the entirety of the program

Real results

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I cannot say enough how valuable it was.
"If you have this feeling like you need to take your business or your brand to the next level there’s no faster way to do that than with Swagger School.”
2022 Swagger School Grad

There are currently two options to enroll in Seal the Corporate Deal

PLUS – Upgrade to VIP Access if you would like to receive 1:1 support, a done-for-you pitch deck, unlimited proposal audits, and an all-access pass to attend all of our hottest Swagger School pop-up events.

grow your b2b biz

includes 6 month license + implementation support


scale your b2b biz

includes 12 month license + implementation support



Hi, I'm Anniedi

And if you made it all the way down here on this page, let me shake your hand.

You’re a mission-driven knowledge-seeker, which just so happens to be my kind of person. So since you’re considering allowing me to have the pleasure of consulting and advising your journey in Seal the Corporate Deal, let me tell you a little about myself.

  • I’ve bought and sold millions in professional services. 
  • I’ve been on both sides of the negotiating line. 
  • I’ve been a top strategy consultant selling to C-Suite execs and Fortune 10 clients from the largest global brands.
  • I’ve learned a lot about the common pitfalls and even more about how to gain sustainable success.

And most importantly:
I don’t believe in gatekeeping any of that information. None of it should be reserved for the “Big Bad” corporations. In fact, most corporations NEED you to know it, so they can develop a respectable working relationship with you (whether they realize it or not).

My mission is to close the wealth gap and democratize the dealmaking skills that have historically been reserved for the largest corporations.

As a child of immigrants, I was the first in my family to become a corporate executive, and I was often the only one who looked like me sitting at the negotiation table.

I’m thankful for that experience, because it’s what has driven me to make sure that you don’t feel lost, alone, or confused while you sit at the table, too.

After a brutal layoff, I went from behind the scenes of advising the largest global brands to building a bold, brilliant, and bankable biz amidst a pandemic – all by leveraging the power of B2B.

i know that one corporate contract can change everything when you choose to truly own your voice.

You deserve the same insights. You deserve to gain the same knowledge. Because this is how you truly scale your B2B biz with greater ease, joy, and sustainability.

I created my proprietary pitch and proposal methodology so you can stop winging it, negotiate with confidence, and rock your swagger to the boardroom and beyond.

So if you’re up for seeing what kind of swagger you have hidden, I’m ready to unveil it with you.

Go ahead

apply for Seal the Corporate Deal

And let me be your advisor on this epic B2B sales strategy adventure!

grow your b2b biz

includes 6 month license + implementation support


scale your b2b biz

includes 12 month license + implementation support


Diverse group of women in group program and 1:1 consulting service.

3 secrets to
seal More Deals