4 Ways to Ditch Work-Life Balance and Find More Harmony

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As a modern woman who’s killing it at work, at home, and in your personal life, you know the struggle is real to keep things balanced. Between meeting deadlines, hitting happy hours, fitting in workouts, catching up with friends—and everything else in between—sometimes things start to slip through the cracks. 

But that doesn’t mean you should have to choose between work and wellness. As an Idem Spark member, we’ll walk you through every aspect of your path to total health. From nourishing your body, to crushing your work goals, to building up stronger relationships, our evidence-based Ka-Isang Method will guide you along your work life harmony journey using an intersectional approach to achieve holistic wellness. 

Through one-on-one leadership development strategy sessions, a cutting edge well-being framework, and a five-star swag circle of powerhouse peers by your side, Idem Spark will become your new wellness secret weapon to help you slay all day. 

Learn more about what it really means to be an Idem Spark member, and join us to break through boundaries and live a more healthy, wealthy and fulfilling life.

Fuel Your Journey 

Our focus isn’t on the scale—it’s on seeing you sparkle. To help you go from dream job to dream life, our membership program guides you on a multifaceted approach to wellness. From taking care of business to prioritizing time for self care, we want you to take active steps towards looking and feeling your best.

Through 45-minute Swagger Sesh power consultations consultations and Swagger School events with top advisors, you’ll see that you don’t have to sacrifice your health to succeed. Our Dream Team will give you the tools to design a personalized wellness plan that makes your career and your health SUSTAINABLE! By teaching you proven methods to create a wellness groove, you can nourish both your body and your soul. We’ll also help you get the mindset and strategy guidance you need to slay your professional and personal development goals, and you can even find powerhouse peers at Swagger School workshops for more support and accountability. 

Crush Your Career

You’ve taken every step you were supposed to—from your degree to the “right” job to networking every chance you got. But if you still aren’t seeing the results you want, it might be time to bring in the Dream Team.

Make bold work moves with help from Idem Spark’s advisors who have been there. We’ll help you level up in the direction of your dreams with our Career Swagger consultations that set the stage for your success. Experience career satisfaction, financial stability, and what it’s like to be the rockstar executive you were always meant to be. We’ll empower you to rock your swagger to the C-Suite and beyond. 

Find Your Tribe

Just because you’re putting the focus on you, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Our membership brings together a group of like-minded ladies so you always have a group supporting you. Our mastermind group is exclusively available for Idem Spark members, so you can find people to support you in each of your goals. 

It shouldn’t have to be lonely at the top. From networking with other members in your industry to finding a virtual running buddy, each member has decided to ditch mediocre and slay their goals—and they’ll help you do it, too. 

Get Your Swagger Back

From your style to your career path, we know you’re an ambitious boss—and we’ll help you realize it, too. Swagger impacts everything you do—from how you lead in meetings to how you walk down the street, it’s all about confidence. We’ll help you infuse a little more attitude so that you can make boss moves in every aspect of your life. 

To discover your signature style, our fashion advisor will help you break free by wearing clothes that just feel like you. Get industry expertise from a professional stylist on how to shop so you feel like the best version of yourself and choose accessories that make you feel unstoppable. Plus our virtual Rockstar Experience Retreats will help you put it all together so you have the confidence you need to go out and achieve anything—and we mean anything.   

Find Your Meaningful Purpose

It’s your time to flourish. By approaching wellness from every angle, Idem Spark members have more energy to achieve their wildest dreams—because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your own health for your ambition. By applying our signature Mind-Body-Swagger method you’ll get the tools your need to confidently crush your goals. 

Live a more fulfilling life by balancing health, wealth, and wellness. Get started today.

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