B2B Revenue: 3 Amazing Ways to Hit Your Goals with a Few Corporate Clients 

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As an industry expert, you’re probably always in “go, go, go!” mode to bring in more sales leads and close contracts with new corporate clients for added B2B revenue. But after months or years of always being on the clock, burnout may start to set in. Aren’t you tired of always hustling hard to hit those revenue goals? 

We’ll let you in on a little secret—there’s a better way to consult, coach, or train business by negotiating bigger deals with organizations right now! Instead of landing many clients at a low rate, let’s revisit the math. 10 clients at $10,000 per client brings $100,000 to your biz. But what if, instead, you got those same clients to hand over $50,000 each? Not only would you be exponentially growing your B2B revenue, but you’d also have more bandwidth to focus on the areas of your biz you love.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Lucky for you, we’re here to give you the tools you need to level up your biz and create the sustainable processes you need to increase customer lifetime value, bundle your offers for max impact, and hit your revenue goals with a handful of clients!

Learn to Stay Relevant in a Volatile Market 

No matter what industry you operate in, we can guarantee that it’s always evolving. To be sought after as a stand-out in a crowded market, you have to regularly evaluate your business’s unique selling points. Is your positioning still relevant for your target audience as their needs grow and change? 

Think about it like taking your car in every six months for a tuneup. You wouldn’t want to drive around with an engine that’s about to die out on you or tires that are unsafe. Your business is the same! 

Don’t just set it and forget it. Take a close look at your offer, your brand positioning, and your value propositions at regularly scheduled intervals. Make sure your offering is solving your clients’ problems and think about creative ways you can grow—like through recurring revenue—to ensure you don’t fall stagnant.

Develop a Repeatable Sales Process to Maximize B2B Revenue

Once you know you’ve got what your clients are looking for and have an established pricing strategy, it’s time to build a repeatable and sustainable sales process. To get this done, you have to get your method out of your head and onto paper! That should ALWAYS be Step 1. That way, you can train your team on your sales method to ensure that everyone is working together and that every single client has the same experience from start to finish. 

To stop feeling like a one-hit wonder, you also have to identify ways to upsell your clients once they’re in the door. This is the KEY to helping you hit your revenue goals without constantly chasing clients! Learn how to bundle your B2B offerings to maximize the size of each deal, and identify points along the sales process where you can tee up new and exciting offers. This will help you make your sales process simple, streamlined, and standardized, so you can stop working harder—and work smarter—and maximize your B2B revenue!

Achieve Work-Life Harmony Instead of Sacrificing Your Wellness!

Hitting your revenue goals with fewer clients helps you hit your financial targets—but it’s about WAY more than just the money! Elevating your biz allows you to take not just your work to a whole new level, but also your overall well-being for greater harmony

Once your team is trained up, your processes are established, and your offer bundles are on lock, your biz will be running like the well-oiled machine you always knew it could be! That way, you’re getting a clearer, freed-up calendar that lets you enjoy your life and prioritize your wellness (instead of toiling away chained to your computer!). You’ll be able to spend time building your B2B business while also creating the space for other pursuits that fill up your cup. 

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