Corporate Strategy Consulting: Building the Future of Workforce Well-being

We advise organizations on how to put people first by creating brave spaces that grow bold leaders by improving leadership & management skills.

The future is now, and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for…

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Organizations whose leadership development programs do not integrate Wellness, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (W.I.D.E.) fail to keep pace with modern times and risk extinction.

Customers are voting with their wallets, employees with their feet. Both want to see companies’ actions align with their values.

Increase profitability and impact by centering employee well-being at the heart of the business to protect the number one asset: your people.

Forward-looking organizations seeking to create a culture where everyone thrives need not look any further.

w.i.d.e. Dynamic Dialogues

Idem Spark has launched a joint venture with Head Heart Hands Consulting to advance the future of workforce well-being.

Our holistic approach to leadership and management development, executive coaching, workshops and training offers a cutting edge solution for individual and organizational flourishing.

We believe Equity can only be achieved when Diversity is present, Inclusion is prioritized, and Wellness is realized.

Diagram of framework to build a more inclusive work environment by improving leadership and management skills

No matter where you are in your W.I.D.E journey here are a few ways we can guide you.

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W.I.D.E. Visioning & Positioning Workshop

Design an interactive, collaborative innovation forum for C-Suite and senior executive leaders to set goals & priorities

W.I.D.E. Scorecard

Conduct a comprehensive DEI & Wellness needs assessment and comprehensive analysis for business leaders

W.I.D.E. Strategy Session

Accelerate organizational growth by co-creating solutions and developing a strategic roadmap to guide success

Creating a Culture of Inclusivity

Create an immersive learning experience that propels people from awareness to action & strengthens capacity to mitigate implicit bias

Burnout Prevention & Mitigation Campaign

Implement our 21 Day Harmony Journey to optimize employee well-being, increase engagement and improve productivity

W.I.D.E. Mastermind For Women's Leadership

Develop supportive circles that empower women in leadership to flourish at work so you can mentor & retain top talent
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Meet The Dynamic Duo
Consultant helping leaders and managers improve their skills


Founder and Chief Consultant
Head Heart Hands Consulting LLC

Diversity & Inclusion strategist, 20-year veteran educator and champion of equity and excellence for all.

Consultant helping leaders and managers improve their skills


CEO & Founder
Idem Spark, LLC

Workforce Well-being strategist, 20-year corporate wellness exec, and advocate for women’s leadership  

Client Testimonial

Thank you both so very much for the summary. You could tell you listened to every word shared by the group and did a great job highlighting. I enjoyed how you framed everything (i.e., GO)2, Head, Heart, Hands) – helps put things into deeper perspective and is more relatable/easier to retain and create action from.
HR Director
Tech Company

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Shift mindsets through Dynamic Dialogues that propel leaders from awareness to action

Create meaningful change through human-centered initiatives that fuel your people, purpose and profits

Cultivate a transformative culture for individual and collective success

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Ⓒ 2024 Idem Spark LLC