B2B Sales Society vs. Swagger School Mastermind: What’s Right for Me?

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At Idem Spark, our mission is to help people slay the B2B game so they can achieve their wildest dreams! And it all starts with one thing: swagger.

Swagger is that X factor that everyone is looking for. Swagger impacts almost everything you do at the office or in your biz. From having the confidence to lead a pitch meeting like a pro to negotiating for what you’re worth, swagger can change your game for the better. Feel like yours is falling flat? It might be time to bring in the experts to help you flourish instead. 

We offer different types of coaching for people at every phase of their B2B journey. Learn more about the B2B Sales Society and the Swagger School Mastermind programs. Choose the right one for your goals, so you can start achieving your wildest dreams! 

The B2B Sales Society

This 12-month group training program is designed to help independent consultants, corporate side hustlers, and industry experts find their first or next corporate client! It’s perfect for those in the early stages of building their biz. The B2B Sales Society will give you the tools you need to open up endless possibilities.

Once enrolled, you’ll get guided support to help you learn the ins and outs of the B2B world. Every member gets access to our exclusive Backstage member portal. There, you’ll find the 5 foundations of the B2B sales cycle—and you can even access it 24/7! Go through the modules at your own pace and reference them anytime, so you always have them when you need them.

You’ll also get access to our live B2B sales trainings. These allow you to learn from our Chief Swagger Officer Anniedi, ask questions, and connect with your powerhouse peers. You even get access to our exclusive Swagger Spot community where you can bounce around ideas, ask for advice, and learn from the success of other biz owners slaying the game!

Choose from monthly or annual memberships to fit your needs and get started today!


Swagger School Mastermind

For consultants, industry experts, and thought leaders looking to secure bigger corporate contrasts (without hustling harder!) we’ve got the program for you! Our six-month mastermind will help you win at work, wealth, and well-being, all without compromising your values or shortchanging your expertise.

Perfect for those who have landed previous corporate contrasts, are subject matter experts, and are ready to take their biz to the next level, the Swagger School Mastermind helps you work smarter not harder. We’ll take you out of your comfort zone, help you take action, and give you the tools you need to land the 5- and 6-figure deals you’ve been chasing.

We’ll help you level up your biz and land more B2B sales so you can hit your revenue goals with a handful of corporate clients! Ready to start building the billion-dollar brand that you’ve been dreaming of?


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