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you shouldn't have to feel like the best kept secret to corporate clients any longer.

yes, you!

If you’re an independent consultant, this is your time to shine. (Yes, sis!) Did you know that over 50% of women-identifying business owners that hit a million dollars in annual revenue do so by… *gulp* serving CORPORATE clients? Oh. Crap. She said the “C” word.

When serving one organization can generate the same revenue as serving 50 individual consumers, you know the math is totally mathin’. That’s your cue to work smarter, not harder!

Yup, I know what your gut did just then. It’s a little like a meat grinder started up in your stomach. Sure, jet-setting around the world speaking on global stages as a corporate consultant, or working with big-name brands to deliver exactly what they need sounds fab and all… but where do you even begin?

B2B sales training woman standing in city street wearing Boss Lady Tshit with a yellow bus behind her.

while finding corporate clients feels like you're in a dark room without a flashlight, the truth is...

you’ve already had someone knocking on your door

Corporate clients already know what you have to offer. But then they came knocking, asking “Hey, you know that thang you do? We want you to do it for us.”

Did you respond like a deer in headlights who didn’t even know what was coming straight at them? The panic set in, and you slowly closed the door when an opportunity was right there begging for you!

It all felt a little too much, too fast, and you had zero tools to do it. But what if you had a bangin’ way to respond that would have you laughing all the way to the bank?

Slay your next corporate pitch and land your NEXT CORPORATE CONTRACT.

I'm sure you're wondering...

But… is this even for me?
This whole corporate thang?
Aren’t we supposed to hate the corporate vibe?

Hit the breaks, friend. The idea of reaching out to corporate clients can be…well… bonkers. Especially when it comes to asking for money to the tune of 5 or 6 figures.

But let me assure you, if you have…

a zone
of genius

which you do

been asked to speak at someone's organization

It’s probably happened

Ever thought “Could I Make That Much In ONE Corporate Contract?!?”

Yes you can

Then the answers to the questions above are yes, yes, and YES! (Even the corporate one. Promise, you’re not selling your soul to buddy up with “The Man”). 

Whether you’re new to corporate dealmaking or you’ve got several deals under your belt, refining your message and your processes is mission-critical to ensure your offerings stay relevant—even as the market shifts.


b2b sales strategy that delivers Real results

Woman sitting at desk giving customer review of B2B sales training.

I went from being stood up on sales calls to closing 50k in contracts!

“I love that I can be my authentic self and be successful in corporate. I went from being stood up on Zoom calls to closing 50k in corporate contracts by licensing my curriculum. It’s been my biggest quarter!”
2022 Swagger School Grad

So long, burnout!

So here’s the thing. You’ve got this business, right? And chances are, you’re rocking it, and rocking it well.

How do I know? Oh, because you’ve had other businesses stop you and ask for your expertise, knowledge, or your time to donate to their organization

(We’ll have to have a talk about those “donations” in the future. For now: just stop it. You deserve the actual, factual bills, Sis)

Oh and I know so because you’re here. On this page. Considering “What if I just did this one thing?” You deserve multiple streams of wealth, health and joy!

It’s time to stop leaving money on the table for good and command the value of your expertise with an unstoppable corporate pitch.

get the insider tips to...

secure the corporate bag with exclusive training and strategic guidance

Up until now, you’ve been offering your services with your entire heart, chasing down client after client, or selling individual products to individual people or smaller businesses. You know your stuff but don’t know what to say to attract higher-paying corporate buyers.


You’ve decided that now is the time to diversify your revenue streams and increase your income by serving larger organizations. But figuring out where to find them has got you stumped!


Short-staffed corporations are outsourcing now more than ever with increasing demand for your skills in a gig economy. Independent consultants and industry experts are well-poised to capture a bigger piece of the revenue pie. You just need to know how to go after bigger contracts!

Man and woman talking in a corporate space about B2B sales training.

Command your next 5 or 6-figure corporate contract, and stop the chaotic spinning with a proven path to leveling up your B2B sales skills so you can package your offer and perfect your pitch!

Learn to Break the Glass Ceiling in the B2B Sales Society

The B2B Sales Society is a guided group training program built for business owners and independent consultants who are ready to break down the walls they’ve built around themselves and learn the tools that open up new possibilities. Inside this exclusive experience, you’ll discover a proven path to finding your first or next corporate client by intentionally targeting organizations. The best part? You don’t need a big audience, prior corporate background, or to change who you are. Yes, really!

Here's What's Included

Curated Insider Resources

Wanna know the secrets to 10-100k deals?

There are 5 foundations to the B2B sales cycle, and you can uplevel your pitch by visiting our Backstage member portal of curated resources 24/7 to give you a leg up, so you can save years and never have to start from scratch again.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Assess your biz using our P.I.T.C.H. Method so that you 1) Know where the pitfalls are before you get to them and 2) stay relevant every time the business environment decides to up and shift again. Learn where to focus to find and wow corporate clients.

Live B2B Sales Trainings

Go into your next pitch with as much confidence as a 5-year-old wearing a Wonder Woman costume. Ask your questions and get answers from our Chief Swagger Office and your rockstar peers in interactive workshops so you can walk into that meeting with the confidence you want.

Members Only Rewards

Being a Swagger School® Insider has its perks when you play full out. So go ahead, bring whatcha got! Elevate your entire playing field with member rewards that will help you approach your next corporate client without armpit sweats and unlock special bonuses as you achieve major milestones.

With a total value of nearly $20,000, the B2B Sales Society gives you the courage and connections you need to shatter your current glass ceiling, go from sweat to sparkle with the utmost confidence and command the dollar amount your genius deserves in your next corporate sales conversation.

b2b sales strategy that delivers Real results

Woman sitting in home office giving success story from being a part of a B2B sales group course
Play Video about Woman sitting in home office giving success story from being a part of a B2B sales group course

I know what to offer to extend the lifetime value of my customers

“This was such a powerful experience. I learned how to expand my service offerings, extend the lifetime value of my customers and who I need to be talking to secure more corporate contracts”
2022 Swagger School Grad

select your package to jumpstart your journey
to your next 10-100k corporate deal!

b2b sales society
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Take your brilliance and shine like the star you are.

b2b sales society
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Because you want to soar in every room with confidence.

For just $500 per month, you’ll get the training you need to show up and shine at the negotiation table. Book the annual package to unlock exclusive bonuses and get two months FREE! 

Real people. Real results. Will you be our next swagger success story?

Negotiated with confidence to secure the corporate bag!


I am still reeling with insights and excitement after the Swagger School pop-up worokshop today. So grateful for Anniedi's wisdom, expertise and brilliance as I massage my group mindfulness coaching program into a B2B offer. Wholeheartedly recommend!! Best investment I’ve made in a while!


If you have this feeling that you really want to take your business or your brand to the next level there is no faster way to do that than with Swagger School. Your confidence will be developed through these sessions. I just cannot say enough how valuable it was. I would do it all over again!


Signing up for Swagger School was the best $500 I’ve ever spent. It was practical and insightful, with immediate actionable takeaways. Using the pitching tools I was able to negotiate my speaking rate up from $1500 to $7500, 5x'ing my previous keynote engagement fees in less than a week. You will not regret this experience!

stop being intimidated by bigger brands.

corporate clients are just people with budgets that are earmarked for your services.

The moment you go searching for the templates and how-tos and the “10 best ways to level up your business,” you get swarmed with the tips and tricks that work for the trade. Been there. Done that. Got exhausted from it. Instead, we wanna get you to the next spot in your B2B journey with ease and elegant simplicity.


You need a new foundation surrounded by fellow action-takers and history-makers. A circle that can build you up bigger. Better. And exactly the way you want without selling out.

No more wondering what to say in negotiations. The path to finding corporate clients shouldn't be top secret before you learn the unwritten rules!

Our exclusive group training program just happens to be the foundation you need. Join us today to learn a brand new-to-you business strategy that matches your business model. You deserve to rock your swagger to the boardroom and beyond, and Swagger School is here to give you the confidence to get there.

Hey superstar, I'm Anniedi!

I've been there done that and got the t-shirt in closing corporate deals.

For over 20 years, corporate execs have hired me to teach their teams how to grow using B2B business models, and I’ve trained hundreds of advisory leaders for top consulting firms. I used to run procurement for large sourcing departments and was responsible for hiring vendors and consultants just like you for the largest global brands.

I built a multi-million dollar consulting practice during the last economic downturn and rebuilt a biz from the ground up after a layoff by leveraging corporate contracts.

And now I want YOU to be able to secure the corporate bag in the same way by delivering every pitch with confidence.

You and I both know that the fake urgency, false scarcity, and other sleazy sales tactics that you’ve been taught by online marketers simply won’t work for closing corporate contracts.

You can’t manipulate your way into bigger B2B deals. Corporate buyers require a more sophisticated sales savvy.

And if we’re being honest, it’s not your mindset that’s been keeping you from adopting shady business practices. It’s your integrity. You are unwilling to compromise your values or your standards to fit in with the status quo or to keep up with the toxic Joneses.

After all, that’s why you went into business yourself, right? You wanted a one-way ticket out of that mess indefinitely. The good news is that we don’t follow trends…we set them.

Two women standing back to back in front of a fence with no fear, smizing

working with corporate isn’t a betrayal, and it doesn’t make you a sell-out.

It’s an opportunity to showcase your brilliance in front of a bigger audience so that your ripple effect works for you!

The B2B Sales Society is your next bold step. Learn the foundations of working with corporations in a supportive squad of powerhouse peers, so you can make the impact that tossed you into entrepreneur-land in the first place.

It shouldn't have to be lonely at the top when you're the first or the only one in your circle closing 5 and 6 figure contracts

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b2b sales society
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Take your brilliance and shine like the star you are.

b2b sales society
annual membership

Because you want to soar in every room with confidence.

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Earnings Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee outcomes as there are a wide range of variables that impact results given that each business varies.  The sales figures on this page are mine or my clients as they have been represented to me.  Past client successes and sample testimonials shared for Swagger School® programs including B2B Sales Society do not guarantee future results.


Answers to help you make the right decision for your unique journey.

The B2B Sales Society is a 12-month group training program ideal for individuals who do not desire business coaching and prefer to learn independently while growing and refining as they uplevel their  corporate pitch.  With a mix of live training via interactive workshops and curated insider tools & resources within our Backstage member portal, this program is ideal for folks who want guidance to find their first or next corporate client and need to establish strong foundations to set the stage for future success.

Our Mastermind is a 6-month group consulting program ideal for individuals who have previously served at least one corporate client and now want to create a repeatable B2B sales process to replicate their success and grow beyond referrals. The Mastermind includes live training PLUS hands on business coaching, strategic consulting, Seal the Corporate Deal curriculum and proposal audits, along with Office Hours for personalized 1:1 attention delivered in a more intimate group.

While both programs offer a done-with-you experience, the Mastermind is best for seasoned business owners who desire a higher touch experience and require strategic advisory support while pursuing multiple corporate deals.

Live pop up trainings and events are delivered virtually via Zoom and are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 1 pm ET. New training topics will be rolled out periodically based upon the unique learning needs of active members. For all B2B Sales Society participants, your Backstage member portal will include access to a digital calendar of events for you to conveniently save the dates on trainings that you’d like to attend live. All new live trainings will be recorded and uploaded to the Backstage member portal within 24-48 hours for you to access the replays at your convenience.  You will maintain your access to all training replays for as long as your membership is active.

The time commitment to participate is only 60-min for each live session and training replays are generally 60-90 minutes long. However, the content is truly priceless because you will be learning the unwritten rules of landing corporate clients.  Did you know that the average B2B sales cycle is 2-4 months for smaller engagements and 6-9 months for larger projects? Effective pitching can help you compress your B2B sales cycle time and improve your speed to market whenever you’re introducing a new corporate offer or pitching a new corporate client. Just 60-minutes with us could save months or years off your time to market by having a concrete action plan.

For B2B Sales Society members you will have access to implementation support in the form of Q&A during our interactive workshops where you can get real-time guidance while applying the B2B sales learnings as you uplevel your skills.  For either the monthly or Annual program, there is no implementation support offered outside of the LIVE group training sessions. 

If you have previously served corporate clients and desire a higher level of support in a more intimate setting, you can check out our Swagger School® Mastermind which includes cutting edge training PLUS business coaching, strategic consulting, proposal audits for document reviews and 1:1 personalized attention delivered in a group format.

Yes! Whether you previously worked in a corporate environment or not, if you want to pitch higher paying buyers and do not currently have a plan in place to create or refine your messaging so you command the attention of corporate clients, then the B2B Sales Society is for you.  A prior corporate background is not required. 

For more seasoned business owners, this program is also a great fit because every organization’s needs are constantly changing and your messaging and corporate pitch must evolve to stay relevant as your industry or target market shifts. 

To be best positioned for success in a fast growing corporate consulting market, you must already have an active business, know the expertise you wish to leverage to pitch corporate clients, and have prior experience leveraging that expertise (either in former 9-5 roles or in your own business) to produce outcomes for individuals or organizations.  We will provide you with strategic guidance to leverage those transferrable skills to land your first or next corporate client in our B2B Sales Society.

We are unable to guarantee outcomes as there are a wide range of variables that impact results given that each business varies.  Past client successes and sample testimonials shared for Swagger School® programs do not guarantee future results.

Did you know that over half of women entrepreneurs (54%) who hit 1 million in revenue do so by landing corporate contracts?  One B2B deal can be a major game changer for your business growth goals. 

Corporate executives already have budgets earmarked for exactly what you have to offer simply by leveraging your existing expertise.  Amidst quiet quitting, layoffs and a massive labor shortage, organizations are forced to do more with less in-house talent and are outsourcing now more than ever before.  A high level gig economy is emerging due to increasingly decentralized labor market.  These are all trends that will continue to contribute massive growth to a 3 trillion dollar professional services sector!

Additionally, supplier diversity initiatives and company mandates are fueling the search for BIPOC and women-owned businesses.  If you want to drive exponential revenue growth for your biz, this is a prime time to prepare to land more 5, 6 and 7-figure corporate contracts and stand out in a noisy market by upleveling your corporate pitch now!

Due to the immediate access to our pop up trainings and curated resources including B2B sales training replays in our Backstage member portal that leverage our proprietary P.I.T.C.H. Method, refunds are not permitted at Swagger School®. All sales are final and non-refundable.  Active B2B Sales Society membership status and timely payments are required to maintain access to your Swagger School® trainings and resources.