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Idem Spark is the wellness community for rockstar executives. We empower women in leadership to slay their well-being and career goals so they can achieve greater work life harmony.

You do not have to sacrifice your health for your ambitions. We’ll help you prioritize your wellness while you’re crushing it at work.

Whether you are jamming at the top of the corporate ladder or rocking it out in your own business, we’ve got your back.  We teach you how to bring your swagger from the C-Suite into every area of your life.

We deliver services via 1:1 executive coaching, Swagger School events, group workshops and organizational consulting to equip powerhouse women with the tools to go from dream job to dream life.

The word Idem (pronounced ee-dehm) means body, and we’ve created an inclusive community where women of every shape, shade and size are truly welcome to thrive.

We know that the fastest way to get more women into the C-Suite is to help them achieve greater work life harmony.  To accomplish this mission, we elevate women’s voices, empower them to make informed choices, and inspire them to lead healthy and joyful lives.

Join us to reclaim your health, spark your joy and rock your career with swagger.

Forget about one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approaches.  We fuse cutting edge leadership development and well-being strategies to help you set the stage for your success. Our focus is not a number on the scale, but seeing you sparkle.

We are revolutionizing wellness so that you can lead a more healthy, wealthy and fulfilling life.  Our Mind-Body Swagger approach is designed to equip you with the tools to level up your mindset, embody your goals and rock your unique swagger.

First, our proprietary Ka-Isang Method takes a holistic approach to help you redefine wellness on your terms based on the Nine Essentials of Total Health:  Physical Health, Mental Health, Spiritual Health, Career Satisfaction, Financial Stability, Social Connections, Close Relationships, Meaningful Purpose and Playful Living.

Second, we empower you to prioritize your wellness goals by creating a personalized action plan that matches your lifestyle as a busy executive professional, so you can finally make healthy changes that stick. 

Third, we align the plan to your authentic self so you can truly own it!  Our leadership development frameworks will help you slay your goals as you advance your career so you have the energy you need to build your empire. With our customized support, you can finally kiss burnout goodbye and say hello to work life harmony! 

We’re here to help you shine at every step of your journey as you unleash your inner rockstar.

We hear ya! As a busy professional, it is hard to carve out time for yourself, even when you can see burnout coming at you a mile away.  Business as usual simply won’t cut it when you are leading through crisis and caring for others without having a space to care for yourself.

Working women have always been superheroes, but even Superwoman needs a day off. Especially if you’ve been missing your sparkle lately!

That’s why our customized leadership development strategies are designed to help you create greater margin in your business and your calendar.  We equip you with the tools to be a more effective leader at work so you have more focus, flexibility and freedom to prioritize your self care and well-being.

We re-energize your journey so you can win at work AND wellness.

You don’t have time for generic fluff.  Our trusted advisors are leading industry thought leaders from former corporate health and wellness executives to business strategists and more.   Our guidance is concrete, clear and customized to your unique needs.  You’ll learn evidence based methods that lead to actionable strategies for success that you can apply immediately to get results. 

The skills that got you this far are not the skills that will take you to the next level.  Whether you are transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship or juggling your wellness goals with nonstop demands of working from home while homeschooling, something’s got to shift to break through those boundaries.  

Ready to level up and disrupt the status quo? If you are looking to accelerate your growth and go from the hamster wheel to the fast track by applying proven methods for success, Idem Spark can give you the tools to play at the top of your game.

Sign up for our mailing list above and receive a complimentary Harmony Guide which will empower you to take the first steps to achieve greater work life harmony – Mind, Body and Swagger! If you need additional support, you can schedule a complimentary discovery call to learn more about our 1:1 coaching programs. 

Our Career Swagger program is designed to help you go further in your career, faster. 

Whether you could use more swagger to make a powerhouse pivot, build your own business, scale that side hustle or achieve greater harmony between work and life in your corporate role, we hear ya!

We’ll help you build without burnout and go from dream job to dream life with greater ease and alignment to your true self.

Career Swagger Sessions are a series of 1:1 power consults that we call high intensity interval training for your career. We have a small number of spots available each month, so be sure to book your sessions early!  To learn more about our executive coaching services click here.

Membership enrollment is not currently open.  Join our mailing list to be first in line when enrollments open back up.

If you’re not ready for our Career Swagger program, but need 1:1 support, book a Swagger Sesh a 45-min power consult to help you break through boundaries and slay your goals.  Want to overcome imposter syndrome, strengthen your personal brand, or refine your business strategy?  The Swagger Sesh is perfect for you! 

If you’ve been craving more connection with ambitious sisters, and need accountability, guidance and support in a community of game changing women, then our virtual Swagger School events are the perfect match to help you shine.  You can receive support and sparks of inspiration wherever you are on your journey.  We can’t wait to celebrate your wins!

Join the mailing list up above and be sure to follow us on Instagram to be the first to know about upcoming events!


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A leadership development coach, Layci went from burning 30k in B2C marketing tactics that did not attract her target corporate clients to licensing her curriculum

“I love that I can be my authentic self and be successful in corporate. This has been the biggest quarter yet! I went from being stood up on Zoom calls to closing 50k in corporate contracts.”

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A behavioral health executive, Zina went from being overwhelmed as a soloprepreneur to confidently landing global speaking and consulting engagements.

“Before, I didn’t know how to write an independent proposal or how to set the value of my work.  After Swagger School, I feel like a real businesswoman.  I now have the tools to create a sustainable business.”

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