4 Tips for Getting Unstuck at Work

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If your work-life routine has recently been turned upside down (and confined to a corner of your apartment), there’s a chance you might be feeling stuck in your career. There’s nothing worse than spending eight hours a day on something that you don’t feel moved by, and it’s a sure-fire way to see your sparkle slip.

But don’t worry! We’re here to give you some tips on how to get yourself unstuck and get back on the track of kicking ass and taking names (professionally, of course). 

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane 

Take some time to look back at old performance reviews. In all likelihood, you’ve received some really positive feedback from a manager or colleague. Celebrate that old win and see if it can help reignite your passion for what you do, and remind you that you’re valuable to your organization.

Feedback from an old review can also help remind you of something you were working toward. Have you applied the feedback since then? If yes, then you go girl! If not, now you have fresh motivation and something to really wrap your arms around. This is a great way to get your mindset in check and focus on always striving for better. It’s the rockstar way!

Talk to a Trusted Colleague or Team Member

Colleagues aren’t just for gossip at the water cooler (though we love them for that too!). They’re also a great resource for your own professional development. Confide in a trusted team member about how you’re feeling in a funk. They might be feeling the same way and you can develop an action plan together, or she can help you uncover the root of the problem and get you back on your feet. 

Find What Challenges You 

Think about a project that you worked on that was a bear to begin with, but after breaking it up into manageable pieces, you were excited by the challenge of it all. The experiences that force you to tap into your strengths and exercise a mental muscle are the ones you should be going after every day. Once you break down the specifics of what makes you feel stimulated, you can talk to your manager about how you feel and how these types of projects can be incorporated into your schedule. You got this!

Unlock Your Strengths 

What are you good at? It’s possible that you’ve gotten down a path that doesn’t allow you to leverage your strengths to their fullest potential. Think about how you can bring your strengths to the table in an upcoming campaign or initiative. Maybe it’s speaking up during a brainstorm when you have an innovative idea, letting a colleague know you’re there if they need an extra set of eyes on something, or working cross-functionally to streamline communication. Your company wants the best of you, and now you can find out exactly how to give it to them! Your experience will be more rewarding and help you build a space where you’re challenged, motivated, and always growing.

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