The Wellness Pyramid: 9 Ways to Shift Your Paradigm

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At Idem Spark, we know that wellness is about WAY more than just a number on the scale or the size dress you wear. It’s about looking at your life holistically—not just in tiny pieces—so that you don’t have to sacrifice your health to achieve your goals. 

That’s why we’ve developed our research-backed approach, the Ka-Isang Method, based on the Nine Essentials of Total Health. By looking at your wellness from every possible angle, we’re making it easier for you to put yourself first and take care of yourself in a sustainable way. 

Whether you want to level up your mind, groove into the body you’ve always wanted, or rock the career that fuels your passion, our Ka-Isang Method is designed to help you become the best version of you. No more burnout, no more lack of confidence, and no more barriers at the office. By working through these nine different building blocks, you’ll transform your mindset and get the results to prove it! 

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Financial Stability

If you don’t have your finances in order, it can cause a lot of stress and turmoil. Take a look at everything—your income statements from your job, your equity and assets in things like your home or savings account, and even the dreaded balance of your student loan debt. Having a handle on your full financial picture will help you come up with an action plan so you can feel more savvy—and less preoccupied—with your money. 

Mental Health

Keeping your mind in tip-top shape is just as important as eating right and exercising. Social isolation has magnified the significance of mental wellness, especially when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Embrace mindfulness as a powerful tool to recenter yourself, and lay a strong foundation for your well-being. Eliminate any unneeded stressors in your life (hello, app notifications!) and decompress, meditate, and do whatever else you need to feel calm, collected, and confident. 

Physical Health

Putting your body first is vital to holistic wellness! Be sure you’re giving yourself nutritious fuel, moving your body when you need to, and leading with your intuition! Your body usually knows what it needs—you just need to listen. And sometimes, that means you need a side of fries or a nap to kick-start your weekend, and that’s totally okay! Make healthy choices that put your body first, without depriving yourself.

Spiritual Health

No matter what your religion or belief, spiritual health is an often forgotten component of wellness. Dedicate time to connecting with whatever you believe in to help you feel whole. Whether that’s attending a religious service, meditating, or taking long walks in nature, there is no right answer. Just do what you need to do to fill up your own spiritual cup! 

Playful Living

Keeping things interesting and exciting is the key to embracing playful living. Not everything has to be serious! Turn on some tunes, kick off your shoes, and rock it out at your own at-home dance party or host a virtual game night with your friends to unwind and infuse your life with a little fun. 

Social Connection

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top! Keep up with your friends, colleagues, and other social connections to fuel your fire. Have a friend over for a movie night, hit some outdoor dining for a cocktail, or just catch up with a phone call so you feel more grounded and surrounded by people who appreciate you and help you get your groove back.

Career Satisfaction

Feeling fulfilled at work is an all-too-important aspect for boss ladies trying to make it up the career ladder. We get it! Make sure that you’re getting everything you can at work by leading meetings with confidence, crushing your deadlines and deliverables, and networking with colleagues and other people in your industry to step up your skills and get that promotion you’re after.  Already at boss status? Shine online to increase your visibility and position yourself as a thought leader to grow further in your career!

Close Relationships

Your family, your partner, and your best friends are SO important to your holistic health. Nurture these bonds through frequent check-ins, a thoughtful email or text, or IRL hangouts. After all, they say you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with—so make sure you’re dedicating that time to the people you love! 

Meaningful Purpose 

Is what you’re doing every day the thing that lights you up and brings you joy? If not, you may need to reevaluate your true meaningful purpose. What gets you excited when you wake up in the morning? Uncover where your passions lie, fuel your inner fierceness, and go out and get it! Defining your meaningful purpose will help you feel fulfilled and put your motivation on overdrive!

By combining all of these aspects of your wellness, you’ll feel calm, confident, and ready to tackle anything! But striking the perfect balance or navigating this multifaceted journey alone can be confusing, overwhelming, and complicated. Instead of doing it solo, why not find a group of advisors and other game changing women who can help?

That’s where Idem Spark comes in. Organizations can now host Swagger School workshops to help banish burnout and retain top talent. Our holistic wellness approach and leadership development programs facilitated by top advisors will guide your executive and emerging leaders along the journey by using these nine building blocks as a strong foundation to spark greater work life harmony.

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