Is Joy a Priority at YOUR Office?

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As a rockstar leader, it can sometimes feel like the weight of your team is on your shoulders. When the deadlines are relentless, the workload is sky high, and the stress is at the max, it’s understandable that the members of your team may not be thriving. Plus, add in COVID-19, and you’ve got the perfect storm— 70% of women feel their career growth will be limited due to the pandemic

But that doesn’t mean you can’t change the game! It’s time to think of ways to intentionally spark joy at work so you can increase employee happiness, and keep your team motivated and focused. That way, they love their jobs AND produce top-quality work for a win-win solution!

Allowing your employees to think outside of the box is one of the most important ways you can keep them happy. Instead of dictating their every move, encourage them to try new things and experiment with different processes and projects. You never know what might happen!

When people feel welcome, they’re more likely to stick around. Foster an open community that is inclusive for everyone. When people feel authentically themselves, they’ll produce better work and feel more at home in their role. 

A lot of times, work takes priority. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get to know your employees and connect with them on a real level. Recognize your teams’ contributions, understand what makes them tick, and organize ways to get to know one another outside the office for a true dream team! 

Need deeper guidance on how to keep your team happy and engaged? Book a Discovery Call to connect with me and learn more about our 21 Day Harmony Journey for organizations!

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