Time Management vs. Energy Management: What’s the Difference?

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Are your time management skills a little…lackluster? Well, there might be a BIG reason: time management isn’t what matters! What really matters is how you manage your energy.

Energy management helps you lean into what lights you up. If you thrive on giving presentations or public speaking but feel drained after hours solo in front of your laptop, it’s important to factor that into your day-to-day. That way, you can schedule your days and weeks to be as productive as possible by balancing your energy instead of just your time. 

As your productivity skyrockets and you’re flying through your to-do lists, it also frees up more time for the things that you LOVE outside of work! From happy hour with your friends to opening up a new novel, you’ll feel accomplished, refreshed, and ready to add some playful living into your life. It’s time to put self-care and Y-O-U first!

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