What is Serenity and How to Find it

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During a year that’s brought a lot of curveballs, you might feel like serenity is the farthest thing from your mind. Between the stress of a global pandemic, adjusting to working from home, and seeing friends and family through screens instead of IRL, it can feel like your new normal is just stressed-to-the-max all the time. 

Instead of accepting your fate, why not channel a different attitude instead? Serenity is the perfect goal to help you achieve a more peaceful mental state that will transcend the current state of the world. 

If you’re ready to ditch the crazy, chaos-filled reality that you’ve been living in, learn more about what exactly serenity is and how you can incorporate it into your day-to-to-day life. 

What is serenity?

Serenity is defined by a feeling of calm and peace. Instead of feeling like the swirl is seeping into every aspect of your life, finding a sense of serenity will help you feel less like you’re on an emotional roller coaster that’s never going to stop. 

While some people think of serenity simply as a mood, it’s so much more than that. Achieving serenity is about embracing your inner self and finding peace within your authenticity. Being serene is about accepting every part of yourself and feeling totally at ease, which will help you to find your equilibrium—even when everything feels like it’s going totally wrong.

How do I find serenity?

Finding serenity is a journey, not a pitstop. While it takes practice and mindfulness to get there, it’s not impossible—so keep going! Use these tactics to help you find your inner calm more easily.

Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness will help you overcome any obstacle, and finding serenity is no different. By turning inward instead of giving into the overwhelm going on around you, you’ll find a new level of focus and stability that you were previously lacking. Mindfulness comes in many different shapes and sizes, but if you’re just getting started, try a short guided meditation. This will help you tune out all the noise and look within yourself to bring you back to your essence.

Lead with kindness.

It’s almost impossible to achieve serenity when you’re leading with judgment and doubt. These negative feelings will taint your peace and prevent you from the optimal internal calm that you’re looking for. Instead, always put kindness first in your interactions with others. This will help you reframe everything in a positive light so you can embrace positivity always—and ditch the rest. 

Express gratitude.

Finding joy in small daily moments will help you feel more satisfied and at peace with yourself every day. Instead of overlooking those tiny wins, celebrate them! Whether that’s complimenting someone on their performance at work or thanking someone for holding a door for you, focus on what brings you that inner warmth. 

Find inspiration. 

If you’re feeling stuck, sometimes all it takes to kick-start your journey is a little spark. That can come in the form of an inspiring quote, a beautiful image, or even a chapter from your favorite book. Whatever grounds you and makes you feel at home with your authentic self is the perfect place to start when seeking out inspiration. Let whatever you choose guide you towards a feeling of overarching calm that leads you beautifully into feelings of serenity. 

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