The Idem Spark Founding Story: How it All Started

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It’s easy to put your health at the bottom of your to-do list. When you’re being a boss by day to reach your career goals, keeping up with friends’ birthdays, being the queen of your castle, and—let’s be honest—just trying to keep it all together, your physical and mental wellbeing are the first things that fly out the window.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right tools and a dream team in your corner, learn how you can start killing it in all aspects of your life so that you look and feel your best, and ultimately, get your sparkle back. 

The Journey to Idem Spark

Idem Spark’s founder, Anniedi Essien knows the struggle to achieve overall health all too well. While she was crushing it in her corporate executive career, her health started to suffer. The longer she put it on the backburner, she began to experience hair loss, heart palpitations, and knee pain that impacted every other aspect of her life. Something had to change.

She decided she wasn’t going to let her health stop her from slaying all day, so she began looking at her health holistically—instead of just calorie counting or adding an extra workout—to make sure she set herself up for success. Through hard work and determination, she lost 50 pounds. But it wasn’t just about the weight.  Along the journey, her biggest victory was regaining the sparkle in her eyes.

By balancing mental and physical health, career satisfaction, personal relationships, and self-confidence, Anniedi found her meaningful purpose: bringing her method of holistic healing to the masses. She decided she wanted to help rockstar women of all shapes, shades, and sizes experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for themselves. Idem Spark was born.

Idem Spark’s Approach to Wellness

Idem Spark is the mastermind that helps you take control of your health: mind, body, and swagger. Our membership program propels your wellness journey forward by fusing leadership development and well-being strategies so you don’t have to sacrifice your health for your ambition. Idem Spark will help you find your stride through traditional aspects of wellness like fitness and healthy eating—but it’s so much more. 

When you join The Band, you gain access to a top Wellness Advisor that will be there to guide you at each step of the way. Our Jam Sessions will teach you the nine essentials to achieve total health, a holistic method for leveling up your wellness so you can look and feel your very best. From discovering your unique wellness groove to finding your swagger at work, our Dream Team helps you become one of change-makers you’ve always envied. Hit major milestones and unlock amazing rewards, like a personalized glam consult with a professional stylist!  It’s time to set your goals and go crush them!   

Luckily, you don’t have to do your wellness journey alone. You’ll plug into a community of rockstar women leaders that have each other’s backs. It’s time to lift each other up! Through our mastermind group, you’ll find your new best friends, a five-star network for accountability and support, and your workout buddies to accompany you on the journey. You’ll have your crew cheering you on the entire way.

How to Start Your Own Journey

The Idem Spark membership program is launching soon! To get your health under control and start making your dreams a reality, sign up to become a Founding Member. You’ll pave the way for other women just like you who are taking back control and putting themselves first. 

Life is a song. Your body is your instrument. Play it like no one is watching. Join Idem Spark today!

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