The Wellness Mastermind for Rockstar Executives

The Band empowers women leaders who want to reclaim their health, rock out their careers, and connect to a community of ambitious sisters.

Your ambition and drive have gotten you far in life

You know you’re the absolute business when it comes to your career.  You’re used to being the only one.  When they said you were too much or not enough, you replied, “You don’t have to offer me a seat at the table. I’ll create it.”  You’re building a life that dreams are made of.  Yet finding time to enjoy it is just a fantasy.  Lately you’ve been running out of steam.  Still, you refuse to let the hustle stop your shine.  You know there’s got to be a better way to find harmony between work and wellness.

while you’ve been head-down, focused on building your legacy...

You are done putting your health on the back burner

If you’re ready to regain harmony in your health and career, thrive in community, and design a joyful life, then come over to The Band.


The Band

The Band is the high-level mastermind your soul has been hungry for that empowers Executive Professional Women who want to Reclaim Their Health, Rock Out Their Careers, and Connect to a Community of Ambitious Sisters.

Get the resources you need to get real about health and wellness

Here’s what you’ll get when you join The Band:

actionable strategies

Evidence based well-being and leadership development strategies — Mind, Body, and Swagger — to skip the guesswork and define actionable wellness goals

Personalized assessment

A one-on-one consultation and comprehensive self-assessment to design your wellness plan so that you can confidently prioritize your self-care and get results

jam sessions

Monthly trainings to break through barriers and shift your mindset from thoughts to action using our 9 Essentials to nourishing your holistic health 

5-Star Accountability groups

Connect to a 5-star circle of powerhouse women in our private FB group for greater accountability and support in achieving your goals

rewards & Premium prizes

Treat yourself with amazing rewards and premium prizes that will have you rocking your newfound confidence in style!


The Band is not for fad diet lovers, cheat day enthusiasts, or restriction convictions.

This is about discovering what you’re really hungry for so you can achieve a more healthy, wealthy, and fulfilling life. We’re taking a small number of women along on this Journey. Do you fit the bill?

The Band might not be right for you if …

You’re not committed to making real change in any domain — within how you treat your mind, body, or your career.

You don’t think that a community with other like-minded women is the place for you to find your people.

You don’t believe that real, lasting change is possible for you in your life, and you’re not willing to invest time and energy into your growth.

You’re looking for quick fixes, rather than sustainable change.

The Band is the place for you if …

You’re a career-oriented, driven boss climbing the corporate ladder or rockin’ it out in your own business.


You know that your ambitious nature has meant making some sacrifices … especially when it comes to your health.


Find harmony on the journey toward health in your mind and body without sacrificing your swagger.

Alongside other ambitious sisters who are going after what they want

Get Your Sparkle Back...

Regain your wellness

Reclaim your energy, set realistic health goals, love your body and find your rhythm when it comes to your physical health and wellbeing

spark your joy

Come back from the brink of burnout, nourish your soul, and rediscover joy and direction in the work you do for yourself and for the world

Build your empire

Build your legacy and chase your big dreams by creating a sounding board with other powerhouse women who get it because they share ambitions

Whether you want to lose weight, sleep better, get a better relationship with food, or connect intellectually with other driven, ambitious women who are ready to become unstoppable in their life and career, The Band is the space for you.

Mind, Body, Swagger

Welcome to the Ka-Isang Method: A three-step framework that defines our individual and collective paths to wellness.

Triad depicting executive coaching framework

Our signature Ka-Isang Method guides you through each step of your transformation journey by applying a holistic wellness approach so you can make your career and your health sustainable.

Triad depicting executive coaching framework-mind

Level up your mindset

Focus your mind and prioritize your wellness goals using our Nine Essentials to Achieve Total Health so you can amplify your health as you advance your career

Graphic depicting executive coaching framework for body

embody your goals

Make boss moves in your wellness by choreographing an action plan so that you can step up your self care and finally make healthy changes that stick 

rock your unique swagger

Own your identity by pumping up the volume on your confidence and develop an authentic leadership style that will set the stage for your continued success

It shouldn't have to be lonely at the top...

Amidst a chronic isolation, we are all craving connection … yet connection is the one thing we can’t have.

As a leader, you’ve always been independent.  But making healthy changes that stick is even harder without supportive circles.

Lately your plate has been full, yet you are still hungry for more out of life. You’re tired of running on empty and are ready to refuel for the next leg of your journey.

To nourish your overall well-being, it’s time to put yourself on your own agenda.

Two women standing back to back in front of a fence with no fear, smizing

That’s why The Band is more important than ever to join.

When you join The Band, you’re connecting with game changing women who get it: They’re not letting anything stand in the way of their success … much less themselves.

But these women know that to generate real change and harmony in their lives, they have to get a team behind them to support them along.

We achieve nothing alone.

So let’s do it all together.


you get these extras added in

Get access to our private Facebook group with ambitious sisters to inspire your journey

Unlock Bonuses as you slay your wellness goals and upgrade your style with a professional stylist

Special savings rates for Wellness Groove and Career Swagger 1:1
Executive Coaching

And for our VIP-level members:

1:1 Consultations

Get unstuck with biweekly 60-min 1:1 Executive Coaching sessions with a top wellness advisor and reclaim your power to break through barriers

All Access Pass

All-access pass to Idem Spark virtual events as well as VIP treatment with special perks during our exclusive Rockstar Experience Retreats

Your investment

Introductory Membership

monthly membership fee

$499 USD


VIP Membership

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$1499 USD

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Hey there

I’m Anniedi!

Think of me as The Band's Chief Swagger Officer— I'll be your guide on this total wellness journey.

When I created Idem Spark (pronounced ee-dehm, which means “body” in the Ibibio language), I did it to honor the memory of my mother, a Nigerian immigrant whose cancer was misdiagnosed after her voice was not heard by doctors.

After the loss, I began to conceptualize the journey I’d take other women on, which is why I landed on the Ka-Isang Method — the nine-step path to achieving total health. The Ka-Isang Method is like the new food pyramid to nourish your soul and help you figure out what you are really hungry for so you can rock out on your wellness path – Mind, Body and Swagger!

I know where you are right now because I’ve been where you are. Having supported corporations with wellness programming for more than 20 years, I’ve translated that experience into Idem Spark and into The Band.

I’ve built it to help you.

When you join me in The Band, I’ll teach you the inside secrets that had me go from burnt out to lit up! My biggest professional accomplishment was not losing 50 lbs, it was regaining the sparkle in my eyes.

If you’re on the fence about joining, let’s talk about it. Here’s the link to add some time to my calendar to talk about you and The Band.   

Isn’t it time you made your career and your well-being sustainable?

Join The Band and get the community, support, and guidance you’ve been craving and start achieving the big dreams you have to lead a more healthy, wealthy and fulfilling life. Join the Band today!

Introductory Membership

monthly membership fee

$499 USD


VIP Membership

monthly membership fee

$1499 USD

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