Switching Career Paths: How to Take Control of Your Transition

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It’s not news that the pandemic turned the world upside down—and we’re not just talking in our personal lives. Seeing the world change puts a lot of things into perspective. For a lot of people, it helped bring into sharp focus what’s REALLY important in their lives. 

So if you’re like me, that means that your priorities might be changing. 

And your career is no exception. This year alone, over half of people are considering a career change. 

Instead of just letting life happen to you, it’s your chance to take control. There’s some common misconceptions about your career, and it’s time to mythbust these misconceptions.

Work has to be hard.

Grinding day after day isn’t the only way to thrive. Instead of stressing over deadlines or scrambling to hit KPIs, think strategically about how to achieve your goals. That way, you can stress less and go further, all at the same time.

Long hours mean more success.

Just because someone shows up at 7 a.m. and doesn’t leave until 8 p.m., doesn’t mean they’re better at their job. Instead, it’s about optimizing your time, recharging your energy and increasing your productivity so that you can achieve your goals, all while prioritizing your well-being.

There’s only one way to make it to the top.

You don’t have to climb the corporate ladder to have a successful career. Founding your own business and taking the entrepreneurial route is just as valid of a journey as the corporate alternative. Tune inward to define the path that’s right for you! 

Since the pandemic began, we’ve advised clients who’ve pivoted from entrepreneurship to traditional employment, landed executive roles in corporate, negotiated higher salaries and scaled their side hustles all in the name of greater work life harmony.  So how can you make your career pivot work for you?

If your career is in transition and you need help busting the myths in your own head, book a Swagger Sesh today so we can talk it out to get you on the right path!

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