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Get an insider look at what your journey will be like once you enroll in our invite-only 6-Month Swagger School® Mastermind experience.

step-by-step guidance in new member onboarding

Get a behind the scenes sneak peek of our Backstage member portal and exclusive Seal the Corporate Deal curriculum where you will immediately unlock a proven path with B2B sales tools, templates and resources from day one to help you slay your next big pitch without having to work more hours each week.

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a proven path with our b2b sales training

Get an insider look at our exclusive B2B sales strategy trainings that leverage our proprietary P.I.T.C.H. Method to help you close bigger deals faster than ever before.  We provide you with a step-by-step path to pitch, package, position, price and propose your next 5 or 6-figure corporate contract with greater ease.

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implementation support via live office hours

Get a taste of our Office Hours sessions for hot seat consults which are designed to give you personalized guidance and implementation support so that you can workshop active proposals, roleplay sales calls and confidently prepare for your next big negotiation at every stage of the pitch process throughout the sales cycle.

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frequently asked questions

Get a deeper dive overview of some commonly asked questions to determine if our Swagger School® Mastermind program is the best fit for your immediate needs based on where you are in your B2B sales journey.  Have another question we can help answer? Email us at [email protected]

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Our Superstars are securing corporate contracts by Rocking International Keynotes, Licensing Their Assets and Training Teams on Their Transformative Methods

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This isn’t a library of generic templates.

It’s not a cookie cutter one size fits none quick fix solution

It’s an actionable step-by-step path with personalized strategic guidance that will allow you to pitch, package, price, position and propose a 5, 6, or 7-figure deal so you can secure your next corporate contract. The glass ceiling might be there right now, but future you is gonna look down at the shards and realize that there’s nothing that can stop you from continuously leveling up your business.

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apply now for mastermind packages starting at 15k usd pay in full or 3k per month for 6-month mastermind and 30k+ USD for custom VIP upgrade

Earnings Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee outcomes as there are a wide range of variables that impact results given that each business varies.  The sales figures on this page are mine or my clients as they have been represented to me.  Past client successes and sample testimonials shared for Swagger School® programs including the Mastermind do not guarantee future results.