Is your happiness turned on HIGH?

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If you’re whipping your financial health into shape, you probably know that it’s important to have multiple streams of income. That way, if one starts to fall a little short, you always have more cash in reserves for a rainy day.

So why not apply the same logic to your happiness?

Lately, we’ve been hearing from so many clients that their playful living tank has been running on empty. They’ve been so focused on working hard that they’ve forgotten what makes their soul sing.  If you’ve been feeling meh lately, this is a great time to get creative.

Instead of putting all of your eggs into one basket, diversify your streams of happiness to find multiple things that bring you joy! If one tap gets turned off or you aren’t able to pursue certain passions, you always have another outlet that will keep your cup full.

Try to find anywhere between three and five different things that offer happiness, guaranteed! It can be anything from reading to cooking to skydiving! Just find things that light you up, and follow that path.

Need help identifying things that bring you joy? Or struggling to let go of that “go, go, go!” mentality?

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