How Your Sparkle Fuels Your Fire

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Do you ever just feel like nothing will cheer you up? Between working from home, limited travel, and virtual hangouts instead of IRL, it’s easy to get into a funk. But there’s one sure-fire way to bring that light back into your life and find joy in even the smallest things: getting your sparkle back.

Your sparkle isn’t just about being happy or being healthy. It’s about bringing the energy and vibrancy to your life that gives your purpose and fills your tank. And without that sparkle, you can’t be the bad boss you were destined to be! 

Your sparkle is the foundation for everything, from hitting your wellness goals to crushing it in your career. Learn how your inner sparkle ignites your flame that shines bright for all to see.

Building Your Empire

Celebrating yourself and what makes you YOU doesn’t only impact your personal life—it puts your career into turbo, too! Once your inner pilot light is lit, you can go after even your wildest goals. By approaching your wellness holistically and putting yourself as the first priority, your sparkle will be unstoppable—even if you’re working from home.  Use that renewed energy to lead your next meeting like a powerhouse, negotiate that raise you deserve or even network with a new mentor or peer. By embracing who you truly are, you’ll be the best version of yourself and empowered to kick butt at anything that comes your way.

Putting Yourself FIRST

Between family, friends, and looming work deadlines, it’s easy to get swept up in the madness and forget about your OWN needs. But to have your sparkle shining at full throttle, you know that you need to add some fuel to the fire to keep it burning bright. By taking the time to enjoy what you love or just stepping back for some quiet time, your sparkle helps you keep yourself at the top of your own priority list. That way, you can take care of yourself to help take care of others!

Embracing Your Strengths

When you’re sparkling from within, it helps you lean into the things that you do best. Instead of shying away from the spotlight or passing up opportunities, go out there and do you! You already know where you excel and where you could improve, but your sparkle helps you go out there and own it. From hobbies like knitting and baking to crushing work deadlines or banging out budget spreadsheets, your strengths are what make you unique. So embrace them! 

Living Life with Swagger

Above all, your sparkle helps you lead with your signature swagger. It’s the key to finally being seen so you can make more meaningful connections. Instead of fading into the background like a wallflower, you can step out with authenticity and confidence in that fierce outfit you love. Or nail that big pitch you’ve been preparing for at work. Or ask out that friend of a friend you’ve been crushing on. Swagger looks different for different people, but there’s one common denominator: leading with confidence! Go out and get what you want instead of waiting for it to come to you. 

If you feel like your sparkle has been dulled or it’s been extinguished completely, don’t worry! By approaching your wellness in a holistic way, you can get your sparkle back and have it burn BRIGHTER than ever before. 

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