How Do Physical and Mental Wellness Work Together?

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Wellness means so many things to so many different people that it’s easy to assume you’re failing at health. But no matter how you think about wellness, there’s one thing everyone has in common: mental and physical wellness work together to help you achieve total health and become the best version of yourself.  

Starting a new wellness journey can bring up a lot of feelings like fear, shame, and guilt that can stop you in your tracks before you even begin. To create a consistent routine and make your new healthy choices a habit, you’ve got to think about physical health and mental health as two sides of the same coin—you can’t have one without the other. If you’re neglecting either one, the opposite is likely to suffer, too. 

Apply a balanced approach to give yourself a leg up and help you shine bright and get the sparkle back into your eyes. Dive into how the two are related and get some tricks on how to keep both on track. That way, you can crush your goals and achieve your dreams with a totally holistic approach! 

Let’s Get Physical

Physical health is what people traditionally think of when they hear the word “healthy.” It’s about your diet, what you eat, how much you exercise, and overall physical wellbeing. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that health is not defined by how much you weigh—so stop obsessing about the scale! Instead, physical wellness is about nourishing your body with important nutrients, incorporating more joyful movement, listening to your body, scheduling regular check-ups, and being in-tune with how a lack of rest or too much stress affects how you feel each day.

But half of the battle of physical wellness is mental, which means your mental health needs to be in tip-top shape, too. You need mental toughness to make it through those hour-long HiiT workouts, and you need the right mindset to overcome the old adage that “you are what you eat.” By achieving greater harmony between your physical and mental wellness and adding in a healthy dose of self-compassion along your journey, you’ll be able slay your goals with swag.

It’s All Mental

Unlike physical health, your mental health doesn’t show on the outside—which means it’s extra important to dedicate the time and energy you need to make sure your mind’s getting what it needs. Unfortunately, if you don’t prioritize your mental wellness, it can easily get pushed to the back burner – especially when you need it the most.  If you’re feeling bummed, burnt out, or stressed, it could be a sign your mental health is suffering.  Even if Superwoman is your middle name, it’s okay to catch your breath or reach out to ask for help.

To take back control, find an outlet that works for you. Meditating to clear your mind and calm your spirit can be a great way to center yourself, while some people prefer structured appointments with a therapist or mental health professional. Other people even find that exercise can help them unwind or work out their stress—which is exactly where your physical health comes into play.

By getting your body moving, whether that’s for a jog, a hike that gets you fresh air and gets in some steps, or simply a walk around the block with your pup, getting your body moving will help you keep your mindset straight and balance all the aspects of your wellness. Similarly, fueling your body with foods that give you energy and keep you healthy will make you feel your best both on the inside and outside. 

Get your confidence boost and shine bright by ditching the shame game and taking care of yourself in the ways that matter most to YOU—not just the ones that other people think are “healthy.” If you’re looking for more ways to balance your holistic wellness, Idem Spark can help. Using our Ka-Isang Method, we’ll guide you through your wellness journey so your physical and mental health—and much more!—is on the path to success so you can get your fierceness back and feel your best. 

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