Lead Gen Challenge

A 3-Day Pop Up to Create a Proven Outreach Plan to Find Your Next Corporate Client!

JANUARY 9TH-11TH, 2024 | 1 PM ET



slay your next big pitch by discovering 24 amazing ways to find your next corporate client

I'm sure you're wondering...

Who can I target for my next pitch?
Where do these corporate buyers even hang out?
What the heck am I supposed to say to reel 'em in?

Shoulders up, friend. I know the concept of reaching out to corporate may feel… well… wild. Especially when it comes to asking for contracts to the tune of 5 or 6 figures. But the fastest way to build your confidence is to set a concrete action plan to help you…

your Target Organizations

Even if you don't have tons of corporate contacts

Define an Outreach Plan to Connect with Key Decision Makers

Even if you don't wanna be on social media nonstop

Craft A Winning Pitch that Showcases Your Unique Expertise

Even if you don't know all the corporate lingo

Ditch the trendy tactics and apply our proven P.I.T.C.H. Method if you want to go from winging it to winning more deals with guidance from a former corporate buyer who will give you the inside scoop on creating a repeatable way to find more corporate clients.

join the b2b lead gen challenge to propel your sales pipeline in just 3 days so that you can amplify your corporate pitch!

Opportunity waits for no one when the world needs your brilliance

it's time to skip being the best kept secret if you want to land bigger contracts by serving more organizations

As an industry expert, you're used to playing at the top of your game. But when you're elevating to bigger playing fields so that you can grow your biz by serving organizations, you already know you're gonna need a whole new gameplan.

Sure, maybe opportunities have fallen into your lap before. But when that one contract expires and you're staring at an empty pipeline, you don't want to wing your way to success when you could simply follow a proven path.

The problem is that most outreach strategies feel gross, are time consuming, and don't honor the way you want to show up. Truth is: you pitch differently and can land bigger contracts when you've got a powerful message to share. So let's discover 24 amazing new ways to find your next corporate client, so you can open more doors and make an even bigger impact in the word!

Join the 3-day pop up to fill your B2B sales pipeline with us at Swagger School.


B2B Lead Gen Challenge:
24 Ways to Find Your Next Corporate Client in Just 3 Days

Discover proven outreach strategies to find and attract new corporate clients so you can take immediate action to fill your pipeline, plus upgrade to a VIP All Access Pass if you’d like to access the training replays, bonus Q&A and workbook for daily implementation support!

b2b lead generation tools

Day One:
Propel Your Positioning

Get a B2B sales blueprint by learning our proprietary P.I.T.C.H. Method and define the action steps you must take to prospect more effectively so you can position your expertise in front of higher paying buyers at your target organizations right now.

Day Two:
Plan Your Pipeline

Play B2B Bingo to explore 24 proven ways to connect, attract and engage your target corporate clients and enter to win a prize for establishing credibility, showcasing your thought leadership and building relationships with key decision makers.

Day Three:
Polish your Pitch

Outline the components of a winning corporate pitch by crafting an introductory message to connect with influential contacts and position yourself as the go-to trusted advisor so you can shine online or offline when conducting B2B outreach.

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from a 100k quarter to a 100k month

"Swagger School's proven process taught me how to leverage the relationships I already have to secure more opportunities. It has improved our competitive positioning, built up credibility quicker and helps our B2B clients choose us much faster.”
2022 Swagger School Grad

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Take your brilliance and shine like the star you are.


Because you want to soar in every room with confidence.


Answers to help you make the right decision for your unique journey.

Live trainings are held from 1-1:30 pm ET on 1/9-1/11. All training will be recorded and uploaded to the pop up Facebook group with 24 hr access for General Admission participants who cannot attend live. VIP All Access Pass participants will receive an extended 7-day viewing for training replays in our Backstage portal.

Only 30-min a day for live sessions and 10-15 min to complete your assignment each day. You already know you’ve spent longer than this looking for your outfit to the Beyonce concert, boo! Did you know that the average B2B sales cycle is 2-4 months for smaller engagements and 6-9 months for larger projects? Effective lead generation strategies can help you compress your B2B sales cycle. You can spend 3 days with us to save months or years off your time to market by having a concrete action plan.

We have a private pop up Facebook group where you’ll be able to practice your pitches. Plus – you can upgrade to a VIP All Access Pass holders to receive an additional 30-min for LIVE Q&A immediately following the daily training sessions should you wish to participate in hot seat consults for personalized guidance specific to your unique biz.

Yes! Whether you previously worked in a corporate environment or not, if you want to pitch higher paying buyers and do not currently have an outreach plan in place to find your next corporate client and generate new leads to fill your B2B sales pipeline, then this challenge was designed with you in mind!

We are unable to guarantee outcomes as there are a wide range of variables that impact results given that each business varies.  Past client successes and sample testimonials shared for Swagger School programs do not guarantee future results.

Did you know that over half of women entrepreneurs (54%) who hit 1 million in revenue do so by landing corporate contracts?  One B2B deal can be a major game changer for your business growth goals. 

Corporate executives already have budgets earmarked for exactly what you have to offer simply by leveraging your existing expertise.  Amidst quiet quitting, layoffs and a massive labor shortage, organizations are forced to do more with less in-house talent and are outsourcing now more than ever before.  A high level gig economy is emerging due to increasingly decentralized labor market.  These are all trends that will continue to contribute massive growth to a 3 trillion dollar professional services sector!

Additionally, supplier diversity initiatives and company mandates are fueling the search for BIPOC and women-owned businesses.  If you want to drive exponential revenue growth for your biz, this is a prime time to prepare to land more 5, 6 and 7-figure corporate contracts and stand out in a noisy market by filling your B2B sales pipeline now!