A Self Paced 6-Week B2B Sales Training to

Rock Your Next 5 or 6-Figure Corporate Pitch


Can ya hear that? Knock, knock.

when corporate buyers come knocking on your door, don't sell yourself short because you don't know what to say...

Let’s go back to when this happened before. They knocked. You answered. And you rolled with the punches the best way you could with the knowledge you had.

I mean, why not volunteer your time to speak face-to-face at an event with this corporate player? Or heck, if you got paid to the tune of four figures, even better. (Oh crap, are you thinking “I barely got that much”? Sorry, not sorry, but you deserve even more.)

So again… Knock Knock. Are things feeling different? Like your hands are twitching, your armpits are sweating, and the smile on your face is sorta forcefully plastered in place? Whatever you do, don’t close the door, boss. Cuz we’re gonna get you a deal even better than you’ve imagined.

Uplevel your corporate pitch to command and land your next 5-6 figure deal

So what’s the problem?

Why don’t you know how to do the “corporate talk” thing? The problem isn’t that you aren’t qualified. It’s that you haven’t yet learned the actionable steps to pitch and land the deal you deserve.

  • Despite all the contacts and phone numbers you collected at networking events…
  • Despite having been asked to do this before…
  • Despite all the “Tips to land a 6 figure corporate contract” searches…

You’re still left with one big question: “How the heck do I do this now?”

Take action with the

B2B Biz Bootcamp bundle

and watch your new pitch come to life.

Real clients. real results.

Woman sitting at desk giving customer review of B2B sales training.

I went from being stood up to closing 50k in contracts!

"I love that I can be my authentic self and be successful in corporate. This has been the biggest quarter yet. With self-paced training, I went from being stood up on Zoom calls to closing 50k in corporate contracts!"
Recent Swagger School Grad

The Billion Question List

as an industry expert you know your ish...but you don't know what you don't know about b2b sales

Look, you’ve got something of an offer, right? 

And you’re mulling it over like “What’s the price tag on this sucker?”

And then “Oh crap, what kind of convincing do I need to attach to this?” It’s hard to know what you don’t know and you can’t afford to dilly dally any further.  Cuz, organizations need you.

But putting together a deal all willy-nilly has you wondering how much and how far and how wide they’re willing to spend (That’s three questions right there on your list.)

Let’s be real: The deal you’re working on is gold.

Like, sparkly, shiny gold. And they would be fools to pass on it. And you’d be a fool to pass on what you could possibly earn from it. (Sorry, not sorry.)

This is not a time to wing it if you want to win corporate clients in a zero fluff economy. It's time to ditch the guesswork when busy C-Suite execs are looking to you for answers...

A 5-min pitch could change your life.  The clients you’ll bring in. The people you’ll serve in that organization. And all the amazing wins that ends up attracted to you both… all because you had the faith to ask for the money you deserve.

We’re not collaborating in the name of vanity. It’s all 1,000% purposeful.

It’s just a matter of how, why, who, when, and what, what, what.  (7 more questions added to that list.)

Trust me, I get it. When you’re in the thick of learning what to do on something this big, you’ve got a billion questions. Well, a billion and one…and counting.

let's be honest

the Googles are great for a lot of things. But when it comes to asking all those questions...

...the 830,290,193 search results aren’t exactly going to answer them the way you need. From crafting your offer, to networking with key decision makers to going from introduction to pitch...let's make sure your story sparkles so you can stand out rather than blend in.

This is the place where you can do that. Ask your questions as you go through the self-paced guides with feedback from a former corporate buyer. Fill the gaps in your B2B sales strategy. Get real answers in real-time. And watch your pitch grow on your terms.

A $11,250 value at only: $3,000

Nail Your first or next
5 or 6-Figure corporate Pitch!

Our B2B Biz Bootcamp Bundle is designed to accelerate B2B sales strategy and negotiation skills for Powerhouse Pitchers who want to serve more organizations and know that achieving their next level of revenue growth is non-negotiable.

What’s inside?

Powerhouse Pitch Pass

Access our proprietary P.I.T.C.H. Method via our top five on-demand B2B sales trainings - and unlock one replay each week to get you all the way together with a game plan to pitch your next corporate contract.

Swagger & Storytelling Guide

Learn how to use what your mama gave you to uplevel your pitch and own every room you enter. Complete with a workbook to practice and refine.

Strategy & Direction

Receive weekly feedback on how to take your B2B biz to the next level by joining our private pop-up Facebook Group. Polishing your delivery and practicing your pitch is a Q&A away.

Ongoing Negotiation Support

You didn’t think we’d leave you high and dry, did you? Nope. Keep 90-day access to our pop up Facebook Group so you can continue to ask questions as you take your pitch to market.

Access trainings on your time. Practice your pitch in a brave space for feedback on what to tweak to move your deal forward. Get all your corporate ish together so you can slay your next big pitch.

A $11,250 value at only: $3,000

Shatter the Glass Ceiling Above You

Leveling up isn’t up for negotiation.

You’re tired of doing everything the way it has been since…forever. Now’s the time for you to bust through that glass ceiling and see what’s on the floor above.

It’s gonna happen, because it needs to. Your business is calling for it… and the impact you’re bound to create is, too.

So this is your chance to buckle down, get the implementation support you need, and finally land the type of client that will allow that kind of ceiling breakage to happen within a single deal. 

Imagine hitting your revenue goals with just a handful of clients.  Leaping from “how is that possible” to learning the exact steps to make it happen so that finding your next corporate client is only one  pitch away.


This isn’t a library of generic checklists.

let's take your corporate pitch from meh to heck yeah with swagger school

It’s an actionable self-paced guide that will allow you to rework and re-energize the pitch you want to create. The glass ceiling might be there right now, but future you is gonna look down at the shards and realize that there’s nothing that can stop you from continuously leveling up your business.

take action today!

enroll in
B2B biz Bootcamp

A $11,250 value at only: $3,000
all purchases final & non-refundable

Earnings Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee outcomes as there are a wide range of variables that impact results given that each business varies.  The sales figures on this page are mine or my clients as they have been represented to me.  Past client successes and sample testimonials shared for Swagger School programs including B2B Biz Bootcamp Bundle do not guarantee future results.


Answers to help you make the right decision for your unique journey.

Our B2B Biz Bootcamp is a great fit for folks who have not yet landed their first corporate client -OR- need direction on a specific aspect of their sales strategy – e.,g., finding qualified clients, converting key decision makers or facilitating more effective sales conversations – to strengthen their first or next 5-6 figure corporate pitch.  B2B Biz Bootcamp is self-paced and does not include access to live Q&A support beyond our private Facebook community.

Seal the Corporate Deal is a great fit for folks who’ve already landed one or more corporate clients and now desire an end-to-end solution to build a repeatable sales process to pitch, package, price, position, and propose each deal so they can secure more corporate contracts on repeat.  Our Seal the Corporate Deal mastermind is a more hands on experience that includes live Office Hours access.  You’ll receive more individualized attention, sales call role plays, audits and proposal templates and tools for folks who desire in depth document review, personalized strategic guidance and negotiations support while pursuing multiple 5, 6 or 7-figure corporate deals.

All B2B Biz Bootcamp participants will receive access to our top 5 B2B sales strategy trainings and each on demand workshop replay will be drip released one per week to buld momentum from day one.

Your main goal is implementation so you can apply the learnings immediately as you craft your next corporate pitch.

Additionally, the training replays are self-paced so you can pause to jot down notes, enable captions and leverage speed control to be able to optimize accessibility for your viewing preferences.

Each weekly training is 60-90 min long. You already know you’ve spent longer than this looking for your outfit to the Beyonce concert, boo! Did you know that the average B2B sales cycle is 2-4 months for smaller engagements and 3-6 months for larger projects?

Leveraging our proprietary P.I.T.C.H. Method can help you compress your B2B sales cycle. You can spend just 6 weeks with us to save months or years off your time to market by having a concrete action plan.  Plus your bootcamp package includes a 90 day license access to the training replays so you’ll have an additional 6-weeks to get caught up and recap on anything you missed while you are pitching your heart out after you complete the program.

There is no access to live office hours support in B2B Biz Bootcamp. We have a private pop up Facebook group for weekly Q&A, peer support, and a dedicated space to practice your pitch for asynchronous feedback.  You can ask a question on a specific training or get tips to tweak an upcoming pitch.

Please allow 24-48 hours for responses to all posted questions in our FB group from Team Idem Spark during our normal business hours (9 am – 4 pm ET) Monday through Friday each week.  All customer service issues must be directed to our Customer Success team at [email protected].  DM support is not provided in B2B Biz Bootcamp.

Yes! Whether you previously worked in a corporate environment or not, if you know you want to pitch higher paying buyers but do not currently have an action plan in place to find your next corporate client or know exactly what to say to guide your next corporate sales conversation, then this bootcamp was designed with you in mind!

We are unable to guarantee outcomes as there are a wide range of variables that impact results given that each business varies.  Past client successes and sample testimonials shared for Swagger School programs do not guarantee future results.

Did you know that over half of women identifying entrepreneurs (54%) who hit 1 million in revenue do so by landing corporate contracts?  One B2B deal can be a major game changer for your business growth goals. 

Corporate executives already have budgets earmarked for exactly what you have to offer simply by leveraging your existing expertise.  Amidst quiet quitting, layoffs and a massive labor shortage, organizations are forced to do more with less in-house talent and are outsourcing now more than ever before.  A high level gig economy is emerging due to increasingly decentralized labor market.  These are all trends that will continue to contribute massive growth to a 3 trillion dollar professional services sector!

Additionally, supplier diversity initiatives and company mandates are fueling the search for BIPOC and women-owned businesses.  If you want to drive exponential revenue growth for your biz, this is a prime time to prepare to land more 5, 6 and 7-figure corporate contracts and stand out in a noisy market by crafting a winning pitch now!