5 Tips for Achieving Greater Work-Life Harmony

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A lot of times, work-life balance seems like a myth—and we get it.  It can feel impossible to achieve the perfect balance when life has thrown you a few curve balls. The juggle is real!

Forget about balance. It’s all about priorities. If you’ve been feeling off-beat lately with blurred lines between work and home, it’s even harder to get in tune with yourself if you’re not carving out time to focus on YOU.  Don’t keep running on empty! Instead of struggling with burnout and feeling unhappy at work and at home, take some time to recharge and evaluate what really lights you up.  Then you can dedicate yourself to what matters most to you and leave the rest behind! 

The key to shifting from being burnt out to being fired up is all about achieving greater work and life harmony. Learn how you can create more space for yourself by finding some “me” time, even while working from home.

Time management is your friend!

Whether you’re the boss or you are your own boss, the calendar is your new best friend. To be the most efficient you can be, it’s time to start focusing more effectively. Instead of just doing tasks on an ad-hoc basis or jumping from one thing to another, start scheduling out your day.  It’s time to work smarter, not harder. Figure out which tasks you can delegate so you can prioritize high-value activities.  By setting specific milestones and being more intentional with where you spend your time, it’ll make it easier to focus, check things off your list, and crush your goals!

Leave work at work.

When it comes to work-life balance, a lot of it falls on your shoulders. So you’ve gotta stop obsessively checking your email at the dinner table! Create boundaries in your personal life that let you be totally present in your off-time so that you can enjoy yourself. Even if that means deleting your email inbox or hiding your calendar on nights and weekends, then DO IT.  Having trouble shutting the door on your virtual “office” because you’re stuck in an “always on” mindset?  Create a new ritual to signal the end of each day, like a walk around the block or a dance break in your living room.  Do whatever works!

Find time for your passions.

Instead of doom scrolling through social media or vegging out in front of the TV, find something that you LOVE to do. That will help get you excited for your downtime so that you can pursue your passion project instead of just dreading work again the next morning. By creating space for hobbies and things that spark your joy, you’ll be better able to bring more fire to your work because you’ve reignited your creative energy. 

Ditch multitasking so you can focus. 

Instead of juggling a million things at once, consider becoming a serial monotasker.  Focus on ONE thing at a time. That way, you can dedicate your full attention to something and do it to the best of your abilities—and fast! Plus, you’ll get better results faster instead of dragging out multiple tasks with less attention-to-detail.

YOU come first.

Whenever you find yourself being pulled in different directions, it’s important to stop and ask one simple question: what do I want?  That means speaking up for yourself with colleagues, family, friends, or others who may be causing you stress or cutting into your downtime.  Be sure to advocate for what you need! That could mean asking for some solo time to decompress and joining a meditation session to find your zen or anything else that speaks to you! Just don’t be afraid to listen to your inner voice.
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