3 Ways to Combat Your Wellness Woes

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Leveling up your wellness is challenging enough—not to mention all the pressures coming at you in the form of social media, YouTube videos, and dieting commercials. It’s difficult to know who to trust, and it’s easy to question your own journey in the process. 

Don’t let the noise get in your way. We’re here to help you reorganize your mindset by keeping your confidence high and stress low with these tips. 

Avoid “What I Eat In a Day” Content 

Whether it’s a “What I Eat In a Day” video or article, we want to know who even asked for these! Say “Bye Felicia!” to these trendy posts that do nothing but distract and dismay. Your diet and nutrition are uniquely yours, and these videos make way for doubt and judgment to creep in. Everybody needs different things to fuel their body for their overall well being, and what someone else eats in a day has no bearing on what YOU need. Swiper, keep swiping! 

Cancel Cheat Day Language and Food Labels 

Stop waiting for “cheat day” and labeling certain foods “good” or “bad.” This detrimental self-talk means judging your choices and regretting what you’re putting into your body. Even saying you had a “good eating day” can be dangerous. That language means you’re living in a space of comparison—and setting yourself up to label something as “bad” tomorrow. All foods can fit into your lifestyle when you’re looking at your wellness holistically. Wellness should be enjoyable and liberating, not a place of shame or guilt. 

Leave it to the Professionals

Idem Spark has a roster full of top Wellness Advisors to help you navigate through your stumbling blocks and get you on the path to bettering you. Our Wellness Groove strategy consultation includes a personalized assessment, pro tips from one of our Wellness Advisors, and a private Get Unstuck Consultation call to develop a clear, customized action plan based on proven methods to create a sustainable and joyful lifestyle. 

If you’re also seeking accountability and support, you can join our Mastermind group to connect to a five-star network of rockstar women who cheer each other on as they slay their wellness goals.  

Don’t wait—Sign up today and kickstart your journey to a happier, healthier you!

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